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Young Carers & Young Adult Carers Arts Support

We work directly with support groups already established throughout RCT.

We set aside funding from the Youth Arts budget to work with young people who attend the Young Carers group, first we discuss their interests then try to encourage their involvement in the creative industries by running bespoke projects for them.

Past projects include We Will Rise Again original Musical, written entirely and performed by Young Carers at The Coliseum Theatre. The Young Carers worked with Gritty Realism animation team to produce an animation around ‘the day in the life’ of a young carer underscored by their original song ‘Behind Closed Doors’.

We have also support the Young Carers to attend festivals, theatre productions and take part in arts and crafts sessions all while signposting them to regular activities happening in the wider community.

One of the most recent projects seen the young carers work with Catrin Doyle, local artist, to learn arts and crafts techniques, using different materials and creating their own showcase boxes. These boxes will be displayed at the Young Carers HQ as their own exhibition.

We also support the Young Adult Carers who usually have different interests to the Young Carers, although they both came together to write and star in the Musical.  During the pandemic both groups received craft packs which were delivered to their homes and since then we have moved into real life sessions.

The Young Adult Carers have recently worked with artist Krystal to study the art of self portraits as part of the Art in the Park sessions. These sessions aim to bring the Young Adult Carers together and empower them through learning new skills. All whilst building their self esteem and confidence to try something new.

Targeted (young people can access this support if they are part of the Young Carers Provision)
Please contact us for more information.

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