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Home Education Arts Support

The home education community within RCT are supported by an RCT Council officer to ensure that all young people are accounted for – education wise.

This is to ensure safety of young people and they can also provide support for parents/ carers/ families. The Home Education officer organises monthly meets where young people who are educated at home and their families come together to form new friendships and network.

We support this group by allocating funding for them annually, we signpost them onto regular activities and notify them of any open access activities but also provide bespoke activities. In June 2021 they started working on a drama project based in Aberdare. This includes 6 weeks of drama and performance tuition where they will devise their own play and perform to their parents.

We will continue to support this group with the art form that they choose. We aim to encourage young people to build their confidence, health and wellbeing through the arts, also to build resilience and improve lifestyles.

Targeted (young people can access this support if they are part of the RCT Council Home Education Network Provision) Please contact us for more information.

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