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Introduction into Wildlife Photography

At SONIG & Youth Arts we recognise that photography is also a visual art. Whether pictures are shot in a wide field, on or at mountain peaks, urban areas and even wildlife. So our Introduction into Wildlife Photography project aims to help you learn the ABCs of Photography.

The project encourages young people aged between 12-25 to take part in outdoor activities. Also learning key skills and photographical knowledge, but most importantly to have fun as well!

We all understand that professional cameras are usually expensive to buy, however that is not always the case. Sometimes all you need is a smartphone by your side to shoot some of the best pictures!

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Accessible to everyone

Smartphone technology has advanced rapidly over the past decade, along with the quality of their cameras. With new features being included from the major brands every year!

This hade made access for high quality photographs more accessible than ever before. And we all know that young people love smartphones on them all the time! Especially keeping up to date with the latest models.

Which in reality has made it more accessible than ever before to access high quality cameras, which now in the palm of a hand.


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