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Wales's first accessible Open Mic Night!

The first promoted accessible open mic night in Wales took place at Clwb y Bont, Pontypridd in late March. And went on to be a huge hit!
Organised by @rightkeysonly with support from The YPN all performance slots were quickly booked! Doors opened late in the evening to huge amount guests who travelled all across South Wales to perform and support acts.
There was plenty of live music along with poetry readings which all met with standing ovation.

Overcoming Barriers

The open mic saw a variety of performers who overcame their boundaries. Leaping over the obstacles that would normally put them off at performing or attending open mic nights.
All performers shared their personal experiences throughout the night. From being simply unable to access a venues because of health or anxiety, to taking the spotlight in front of a live audience. Symbolising that anyone can set and achieve their goals.

Shout Out

Huge shout out @rightkeysonly and all performers including:

The love and care shared amongst strangers at this event meant that it became an opportunity for self-confidence, self-acceptance and compassion to grow amongst people from a variety of backgrounds, and I couldn’t wish for anymore than that.
I've personally been to many open mic nights over the years, but none quite like this. The atmosphere, the set up, was all so amazing, having everyone cheering each other on, it was such an accepting environment. I can only thank our host Rhi, for putting on such a fantastic night. It's about time someone did an open mic like this one and I had so much fun performing, I'd happily go again and hope to be able to do another in future.
Daisy Blue
I really loved the whole night, start to finish! Rhi did an excellent job at creating an environment where people felt welcomed and supported, regardless of background or skillset. Every performer received heaps of encouragement from everyone in attendance. You just don't get that kind of atmosphere at many open mics these days. Especially your first time performing, can be the difference between devoting your life to the craft, or calling it quits altogether. All I remember thinking was "When's the next one!?".

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