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Creative Craft & Design Workshop for Young Sibling Carers

RCT YAS were pleased to arrange the delivery of a creative craft and design workshop for young sibling carers in RCT.

Taking place at the young carers base in Pontypridd along with graphic designer & community artist Ioan Raileanu. Who worked with a group of 10 young carers aged 6 -17, to produce a range of poster designs. That could advertise the new ‘Young Carers Identification Card’.

Activities included creating playdough sculptures to explore personal identity, and water-colour painting to express the complex nature of their caring experiences. A range of eclectic, striking and beautiful designs were produced.

The resulting designs were then illustrated by Ian Cooke Tapia of Cooked Illustration, and the brand-new posters provided to RCT’s Young Sibling Carers. The posters will now be used to promote the identification card scheme to other young carers.

Taking this opportunity to combine the practical need for advertising material, along with the creative engagement provided by a mixed craft and design section. Which allowed the production of a poster that not only represented young carers, but was made by them.

This serves to increase the participants sense of agency and ownership over their experiences and connect powerfully to other young carers, sending a clear message that their experiences are visible and valuable.

RCT YAS look forward to continuing their collaboration with young carers across a range of artistic forms into 2023 and beyond.

A few Quotes

“A calm relaxing environment that helps distract the mind from everything that’s going on personally”
Megan (17)
“I love how many memories this made me remember!”
Lucas (11)
“It was awesome!”
Rhodri (11)