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Introduction to Wildlife Photography

Introduction into Wildlife Photography project aims to help young people learn the ABCs of Photography.

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Fortitude Through Music

An exciting music focused 8 week course for young people in RCT who have an interest in music.

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Search for the Rainbow Art Competition

The Search for the Rainbow art competition was launched in October 2020 as an exclusive art competition to raise aspirations and give young artists a platform.

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Home Education Community Arts Support

Opportunities to learning with others and finding out about yourself. Developing creativity and self- motivation by working together.

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Miskin LAC Provision Arts Support

Opportunities to find meaning and inspiration in art. Changing the way young people think and understand themselves in the world around them.

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Young Carers & Young Adult Carers Arts Support

Supporting young carers into the arts, allowing them to focus and develop their own wellbeing and resilience.

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Mentoring, support and guidance for young people into the Creative Industries

Mentoring, support and guidance directly from the creative industry professionals.

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Afon Community Dance Pathways workshops

Creative and contemporary dance – bringing the joy of dance, imagination and movement to as many young people as possible.

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PAK Project Performing Arts for Kids Project

Learning and connecting with each other through the universal language of art.

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‘Search for the Rainbow’ – Young Peoples Art Exhibition

Raising aspirations in young artists by providing opportunities that may seem out of reach.

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